Offline First

The last two days I was at the PHPUnconf. Since there was some interest in serverless architectures, I recycled my talk on offline first from the Barcamp Oldenburg and translated it into english.
So this time all you english speaking people can understand the slides.

Anybody interested in further information should follow these links:

First there is, the community discussing offline first pattern, techniques and UI/UX.

Client-Side Data Storage

For information on how to store information in the client I mentioned the following things in the talk. I would recommend them as an initial read and for first experiments in the topic.

Client-Side Data Storage:
The book from O’Reilly publishing I recommended for information on Cookies, LocalStorage, WebSQL and IndexDB.
CouchDB, the key-value store I mentioned in the talk.
PouchDB, the client side/javascript implementation of the CouchDB API, which is compatible with the CouchDB sync protocol.


The probably most fun thing in the realm of offline first at the moment is probably the ServiceWorker, which I obviously mentioned in the talk. If you want more information on this, at least one of the following link should be interesting to you.

The ServiceWorker is coming, look busy:
The talk by Jake Archibald I showed a snippet of explaining the usage of ServiceWorker.
The offline cookbook:
An extensive list of offline first pattern one can implement using ServiceWorker.
ServiceWoker cookbook:
A list of examples one can do with ServiceWorker among others offline first pattern.

Example App

The example demo app I showed during the talk, allowing to put notes on Githubbers, is also on github now. The repository is in a post Barcamp lack of creativity named github notes.

Have fun Hacking on it.