Offline First

The last two days I was at the PHPUnconf. Since there was some interest in serverless architectures, I recycled my talk on offline first from the Barcamp Oldenburg and translated it into english.
So this time all you english speaking people can understand the slides.

Offline First

The last two days I was at the Barcamp Oldenburg. Since my current employer was the organiser of said Barcamp, I felt lightly pressured into giving a session. In the end it went to be two different session. The first was about GTD, basically the one I gave several times already. The newer and therefore maybe a bit more interesting one was about offline first. As always I prepared some slides, which again are German (sorry) and can be found here.

Facebook Talk

I’m, as representative of our local hackspace, part of a campaign to educate parents on the usefulness of the Internet and how to conquer the challenges it poses for the upbringing of their children. Part of this is a talk someone from child protective services I hold on Facebook.

AngularJS Talk

Yesterday I held a talk on AngularJS and even though you probably would have wanted to be there and in addition be able to read and understand german, I still like to give you the slides and the source code to the examples I wrote.