Deep Impact

At Thursdays local web developers meetup someone said something about Meteor. And since last picking up some new technology or computer skill (Hakyll) three weeks passed already, I decided that it is time to learn something new again.

Extrinsic motivation

I’m actually not that bad at picking up new skills just for the fun of it, but it still works better if I got an extrinsic motivation as well. My blog not working anymore and offering to give a talk on AngularJS only 6 weeks after first hearing its name worked great for the last two projects. The problem is, this time around none of this is going to happen. The earliest occasion for me to give a talk on Meteor seems to be end of September and I have nothing that needs fixing right now.

A goal and a progress monitor

I had to come up with something different to kick my ambition into high gear. So here is what I decided to do:

  • First I declare July Meteor Month. Meaning that by the end of July I’d like to have a first release of a useful project with or around Meteor. If you buy into Meteors claim:

    Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time, whether you’re an expert developer or just getting started. Meteor Claim

    This should be at least doable.

  • And second to monitor my progress in this blog, for the whole world to see. Not that I think this blog is read by many but this might change and maybe this is useful to someone else learning Meteor.

Meteor month – The plan

  1. One week of initial reading of documentation and understanding example code and ecosystem.
  2. Deciding what the project will actually be. Since I’m at the Sigint end of this week I might get lucky and have a project find me, since I got no idea what to do at the moment.
  3. Three weeks of coding, styling and screaming at my MacBook.
  4. Having an initial release by .

As soon as I start the actual project and have some code you’ll get a link to a github repository.