About me

Hi, my name is Martin Hilscher. I currently work a as a developer and system architect at jungen haie. Previous to that I was a research assistant and PhD Candidate at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg in Germany, where I previously studied computer science and philosophy.

I am a software architect

At my job at the junge haie I am working as a developer and system architect which is to say, not only developing but thinking about the larger structures and techniques with which we build software there. Since we try to be on the top of our game at junge haie this usually means, going to stack overflow is pointless, as most of the problems haven't been solved or not solved to the degree we like it. Which makes my work there very much resemble my previous work at the university.

I am a computer scientist

And if you beliefe most students one of the worst kind, a theoretical computer scientist. Which is to say I’m somewhat on the verge between a computer scientist and a mathematician. My PhD topic is on building a logic and tools for proofing safety of car manoeuvres.

I am a hacker

By several accounts I’m what's called a Hacker. Not the sinister kind you might think of now and not the ones wearing those ridiculous masks. But someone interested in using (mostly) technology in an unintended way. Think of me as someone who gets a box of Legos and doesn’t assemble them according to the manual (who would ever do that?)

What remains to say is, that I tend to not only use this approach with technology. I usually try to disassemble, mix and reassemble my whole world.

Current hacking interests contain:

I am an asperger autist

I’m a diagnosed asperger autist, you can read at length about that in the Wikipedia and other places on this internet.

I’m pretty open about this, even though this has lead to people treating me like damaged goods and tip-toeing around me. Trust me I’m not and you don’t need to. If you can stand me being somewhat direct, leave me alone when I seem to need my space, and are ok with seeing any attempt of smalltalk with me coming to a absolute standstill within two sentences everything will work out fine.

Pro-Tip: To asses if I can currently engage in smalltalk or any non-factual conversation, ask me what my thoughts on your shoes/… are. If my answer is something like „They are brown“ your attempts are futile.

Short bio

Martin Hilscher was born 1980 in Berlin, Germany. He studied computer science and philosophy at Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, where he worked as a research assistant and PhD candidate in computer science. In 2016 he switched sides and and became a developer and system architect at jungen haie. Besides his work he cofounded a hackerspace, is working on various open source projects, is curious about UI/UX Design and is an advisor in a working group on new and social media at the office of family and social services. In his remaining spare time he blogs at xinitrc.de and is confused by giving a third person account of himself.


Martin Hilscher wurde 1980 in Berlin, Deutschland geboren. Er studierte Informatik und Philosophie an der Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, an der er danach als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Doktorand angestellt war. In 2016 hat er die Seiten gewechselt und wurde Entwickler und Systemarchitekt bei den jungen haien. Neben seiner Arbeit hat er einen Hackspace mitbegründet, arbeitet er an verschiedene freien Softwareprojekte, interessiert sich für UI/UX Design und ist Mitglied einer Arbeitsgruppe zum Thema neue und soziale Medien des Amts für Jugend und Familie. In seiner verbleibenden Freizeit bloggt er auf xinitrc.de und ist verwirrt über sich in der dritten Person zu schreiben.